A Holdings Company


We are a holding company based out of Texas, USA with sector specific focus on Energy sector (Oil/Gas upstream material, products), Technology sector (Business Analytics, Process, Systems, Applications and solutions development), Consulting services and Global business development activities.

Vyasa Enterprises is aligned with several industry leaders in each of these sectors and has a management team consisting of senior executives with over 30 years of industry experience in each of these sectors.

Vyasa Energy

Dedicated to supply of materials and products required for the Petroleum exploration industry. We specialize in the supply of high quality material at the most competitive rates in the market through our worldwide network of suppliers and manufacturers. Products currently supplied include tubing, casings, well-heads and raw material required for fracking industry.

Vyasa Technology

Focused on big data analysis methods and on Business Analytics, Processes and Systems for various industry verticals – Telecommunications, Finance, Health care and Energy sectors. Aligned with development houses that implement industry leading solutions to help customers optimize their operations and profitability, increase efficiencies of installed production lines. Develop applications that can be licensed for use and integrated into existing products to provide a cohesive solution.

Vyasa Global Business

With a team of subject matter experts in New Business Development, Market Development we provide and deliver strategies for global business development for emerging new age companies interested in expanding their global footprint in a predictable and profitable manner and at the lowest cost. This practice provides a thorough analysis of underlying economics and market analysis of current and future needs, appropriateness of technology and develops a ready to implement blue print